The Somm Journal Feature August / September 2021

Founder and CEO Charles Bartlett established ATC Wines in 2008.Charles Bartlett

“People see us now and go, ‘Oh, what a great business, you guys are doing so well.’

But they don’t know how much time and hard work it took to get to this point,” says Bartlett.

How does a traditional winery get its start? At minimum, a wine-maker would secure a grape contract and then purchase barrels and other necessary equipment. Next, they’d pour their heart and soul into producing the wine, creating a brand, securing the packaging, and so on—and that’s on top of the expense and time they’d have to invest if they chose to plant a vineyard or build a winery from the ground up. After all that, the budding producer would still need to sell their wine and build a clientele to have any hope of recouping their costs.

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